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I'll be happy to add a link to your site on a reciprocal basis
The Hawkwind museum   Informative earth based Hawkwind fan site
Hakwwind.com   Official earthbound residence of the Mighty Hawkwind
Roger Waters   The Master of the universe (without a shadow of doubt)
Status Quo  Home to the UK's 3 chord riff maestros
Tangerine Dream  Pioneers in the electro field
Kraftwerk   The working mans equivalent to T-Dream
Davidessexgirlsclub   Girls who like David Essex
Head-Fi   The best headphone forum in the world
NXT   Pioneers of the flat panel speaker (they gave it their best shot)
Head-Fi  Great site that deals with headphones, headphone amps and tweaks etc.
Ebay   The ultimate way to waste time and money (addictive)
Paypal   Sign up with Paypal and you can pay your ebay debts (highly addictive)
Super seventies Rocksite The definitive Seventies Music site......... excellent!
  Click for Dundee, United Kingdom Forecast
Bestoftheborders   Fancy a stay in the Scottish Borders? Look no further
RS Components   Electronic components supplier, expensive but you get what you pay for
Maplins  Electronic components supplier, cheap as chips!
Gspaudio CPC   Yet another Electronics supplier, they don't have everything but they sure are the cheapest!
Funkypages   Jokes, games, cartoons and funny images......... pretty nifty :-)
XE.Com   Excellent Universal Currency convertor
  Kurts DHTML  Great scripts and a nice layout with no pop ups or ads
The Dialectizer    Convert English text to any of several comic dialects
The Death Clock    The internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away
Stickdeath.com   Graphic cartoons depicting Stick people being killed
Google   The best search engine ever..... set your homepage to Google it rocks!
Links to interesting Music sites  Links to a variety of Rock and music sites
http://www.cbfsms.com  Send free text messages........ pretty reliable service
http://www.greensidebedandbreakfast.co.uk   Bed and Breakfast Scotland
http://www.bestoftheborders.co.uk  Bed and Breakfast Scotland
http://www.antiques-uk-great-britain.co.uk  Antique dealers UK
Borders Break   Accommodation Scotland
gspaudio   Manufacturer of headphone amps, phono stages, pre-amps etc.
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