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Mundorf Non Inductive Upgrade for X-CAN V3 / V8 / X-10V3
The Mundorf Non Inductive Power Resistor Upgrade
Mudorf resistor upgrade musical fidelity / x-can v3 /  X-10-V3

New for the Musical Fidelity X-CAN V3 / V8 and X-10V3!

Non-Inductive power resistors are very popular in audio and are infinitely better than the normal wirewound ceramic inductive types.

This upgrade removes the four normal wirewound power resistors and replaces them with ONE 10 watt MUNDORF non inductive resistor.

It is sonically better to use a higher power resistor, due to increased surface area, and this coupled with the non inductive nature of the resistor makes for one very worthwhile upgrade indeed!

The 4 x wirewound inductive resistors the 1 x MUNDORF replaces:

The Mundorf resistors are hand matched and have a tolerance of +/- 1%


The MUNDORF resistor upgrade comes with full fitting instructions, including diagrams, and is very easy to install. It also comes with 60/37/3 (3% silver) solder. Here is what one customer (Ryz Hadjul) had to say about the resistor upgrade:

"Whoa Mike,

What the foofah!... and I've only swapped out the 4 resistors for the single one!

There I was, 3 rooms away in the kitchen making a cheese sarnie, waiting for the X-10 V3 to warm up and hells bells I could hear a difference from there! At first I thought the music had dropped 1 semitone but then I realised that everything was still there but considerably richer.

The acoustic guitar and fiddles were now made of thicker wood and as for the double bass, well the bugger playing it was virtually squatting in my room. As for those annoying ringy/gratey upper-mids that show up randomly in vocals - dear Joni, I always knew you were an angel.

I defy any deaf grandma not to hear the difference. Just a newborn resistor for foofah's sake - how can that be? Can't wait to put the rest of the gubbins in.




MUNDORF resistor Upgrade + instructions = £10 GBP

Shipping = £3 (UK) or £5 (ROW)

I accept personal Cheque or Paypal. Please e-mail me to order your upgrade.