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Musical Fidelity Headphone X-Series amp Accessories upgrades

Here you will find upgrades and accessories for the Musical Fidelity X-Series range. New parts and upgrades will appear regularly so please do bookmark this page and visit often! I accept Paypal or personal cheque (cheques UK only) so Contact me if you wish to order. Last updated March 2017

M-Resist resistor upgrade for X-CAN V3 / V8 and X-10V3
X-CAN V2 capacitor upgrade kit Musical Fidelity
X-CANS Capacitor Upgrade Kit Musical Fidelity
X-10D Capacitor Upgrade Kit Musical Fidelity
Little Pinkie SE for X-CAN V1 / V2 PSU
Musical Fidelity X-10 V3 Upgrade Kit
Musical Fidelity V-CAN / V-CAN ll upgrade kit
Little Pinkie SE regulated DC PSU

Opamp upgrade module for Musical Fidelity V-CAN / V-CAN 2 / X-PRE

enquire here

Little Pinkie Special Edition Power Supply Sold Out!

X-PSU v3 Pinkie hook up cable £25.00

Order Here



6H23P Valves (tubes) for the X-CAN V1/ V2 / V3 / V8 £36.00 per matched pair

Superb value, lovely warm sound and fantastic bass response, in my opinion these are the best sounding valves (on this side of sensible money!) you can feed your X-Can / X-10D etc. with. These have NEVER been used / genuine NOS.... don't confuse these with the used types (claiming to be NOS) you see elsewhere on the web, these are the genuine article from sealed / trusted Russian Military Surplus. Suitable to use either with the stock 500mA wallwart or Little Pinkie. Order Here



Mu-Vista Valves for Musical Fidelity X-10 V3 £28 per matched pair

Philips 6112 Valves


Contrary to what MF say, these valves DO wear out after time (all valves do) so if you want to give your X-10V3 a brand new lease of life then look no further! Brand new / in original boxes / sealed / JAN 6112 Philips. . These require soldering into position but it is quite a straightforward procedure if you know one end of an iron from another. Genuine sealed NOS from Military batch.

Order Here


Gold plated Ceramic Valve sockets for X-CAN V1 / V2/ V3 and V8 £6 per pair

Supreme quality gold plated Valve (tube) sockets for the X-Can range of devices. These are much better quality than the plastic ones that come fitted as stock and provide a much tighter grip on the pins which, in turn, ensures a better connection. Simple to fit (direct drop in replacements for the existing sockets) and a cost effective upgrade. Requires soldering. Order Here £6 per pair


X-CAN V2 / X-10D Purple LED £4.00

Ultra cool plug and play Purple LED really brings the front panel of your X-CAN to life! supplied with a resistor (carefully selected to ensure subdued illumination) and fully assembled / heat sleeved this Ultra-WIDE 45° ANGLE 5mm Round LED is a ready to go replacement for the stock red LED. Simply solder it in place and transform the appearance of your X-CAN instantly! Order Here £4 _____________________________________________________________________________

X-CAN V2 / V3 / X-10D Plug and play Gold Quad Phono Socket £5

If your quad phono socket is looking tired then replace it! Order here



ALPS 50K Dual log Potentiometer upgrade for X-CAN V2 £8

High quality ALPS potentiometer. This is a direct plug in replacement for the stock "generic" pot MF use in the V2. It offers better tracking and has a longer shaft so you can fit a nicer looking knob onto your X-CAN V2 into the bargain! Top quality potentiometer! Order Here


JALCO Professional Grade Headphone Socket £6

A professional quality low profile PCB mounting stereo jack socket with stylish chrome ring bezel. Direct plug and play replacement. Order Here



X-CAN V2 Knob upgrade Aluminium £6 (to match potentiometer upgrade)

Solid Aluminium Fluted Knob suitable for use with the ALPS pot upgrade. This will NOT fit on the stock X-CAN V2 potentiometer as the stock shaft is too short, you will need the mini ALPS pot also. Order Here


X-CAN V1 / V2 rubber knob £3

rubber knob

Nice looking rubber knob with grub screw. Suitable for use with the ALPS potentiometer upgrade. Suits the X-Can very well. Order Here


Stock replacement Potentiometer for X-CAN V2 £3

Stock "generic" replacement potentiometers for X-CAN V2. Order here


Original Replacement Knob for X-CAN V2 £2

Lost your original X-CAN V2 knob? Look no further! Order Here


Transistors and other parts

I keep most of the transistors for the X-CAN amplifiers in stock as well as quite a few other bits and bobs so if you're looking for anything in particular drop me a line and I will do my best to help.