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My little dumping ground for all of the excess audio related pics I've got lurking about on my hard drive. It's primarily a page for dumping photos but may expand into something different, as and when.

Marantz CD10 Marantz CD10 Trichord modded CD player

 Marantz CD10 review Review of the Marantz CD-10 compact disc player

ATH W100 Audio Technica ATH W-100 Headphones

10M and Trimpot WNA headphone amp 10M and 100K trimpot mod

Test fit WNA Test fit of WNA MKl head amp in smallest Hammond enclosure

Little and large WNA MKl WNA MKl in small Hammond & WNA MKl in standard Hammond

Completed mini  WNA Completed White Noise Audio (WNA) headamp in mini Hammond

inside the mini WNA MKl Inside the WNA MKl amp in small Hammond Enclosure

Inside Jose's WNA MK11 Inside Jose's (Head-Fier) WNA MKll Headphone Amplifier

MKll board WNA MKll DIY KIT amp Stock populated PCB

More mini WNA More pics of the inside of the MKl in compact enclosure

Completed Pics of completed WNA DIY KIT amp

More under the bonnet shots of the WNA MKll More WNA MKll Kit amp naked shots

and even more WNA! And even more under the bonnet WNA MKll Kit amp

bypass caps WNA Bypass caps on WNA MKll Amp

fit and finish Fitting the peripherals to the Hammond

first WNA I made First WNA amp I made, It was a tight squeeze!

MKll innards A few snaps of the WNA MKll's innards

a few more! A few more

Random Some random WNA and Calex 24V PSU snaps

Zobel Network WNA MKll zobel Network

Cable Talk 2 DIY interconnects Cable Talk Broadcast 3 DIY interconnects

Calex 24V PSU Calex 24V open frame PSU in blue Hammond enclosure

Chiarra / Andante Chiarra / Andante kits in stock guise

Chiarra / andante in one enclosure Chiarra / Andante in one enclosure

Under the bonnet Under the bonnet Chiarra / Andante

Chiarra in Galaxy 2000 enclosure Chiarra in Galaxy 2000 enclosure

chiarra pRon! More Chiarra pRon

Stock Chiarra enclosures Stock Chiarra Kit enclosures (I spray painted these)

ansar caps, 627 and silmic caps Chiarra with ansar caps, opa 627 and Silmic caps

Cmoy in Blue Hammond Cmoy in Blue Hammond

More Cmoy More Cmoy in blue Hammond using Guzzler's Gmoy PCB

And some more Cmoy And some more Cmoy

Steviedvd WNA Mkl Steviedvd's WNA MKl amp in its original guise before mods

Denon DCD 835 Denon DCD-835 CD player

Easy X-PSU Easy X-PSU for Musical Fidelities "X" series

etymotic adapter Etymotic Adapter

Fine gold capacitors Nichicon Fine Gold Capacitors

G&W J1 under the hood G&W J1 amplifier, extensive under the bonnet peek!

Grado SR-325i Grado SR - 325i Headphones

HD535 & HD600 Sennheiser HD-535 & Philips HP-890 Headphones

random Password protected area

AKG K-340 AKG K-340

LM6181 LM6181 inside WNA MKll amp

opamps Opamps

Pink and some foam cutting Some Pink and some foam cutting

Rainbow Chiarra Chiarra with added Rainbow Foil ;)

Rainbow discs Discs treated with Rainbow Foil

Senncleaner A Handy implement to clean your Sennheisers with

Slee solo 2005 Graham Slee solo Headphone Amplifier 2005

Solo MKlll Graham Slee solo MKlll Headphone Amplifier

Jahn's MKll  Modded Solo Jahn's modded Solo MKll "Pinkie"

Stock MKlll Solo Stock MKlll Graham Slee Solo amplifier

Stripped Solo on test Stripped Graham Slee Solo MKlll amp on test

Turbo Solo Turbo MKlll Solo brought up to 2005 specs and beyond

Hot glue amp Souped up Cmoy amp potted in hot glue

More photos of the potted Cmoy amp More photos of the potted Cmoy amp

Souped up X-Can V2 Souped up X-can V2 (cap swap, valve swap & ventilation)

Peter Belt Aspirin tweak Peter Belt aspirin and 5 hole tweak (don't ask!)

AKG K-501 AKG K-501 Headphones

DIY Interconnect DIY Interconnect, parts from Maplin UK

A selection of crossfeed enclosures A selection of crossfeed enclosures

Solo Black gate and cerafine mods Graham Slee Solo Black gate and Cerafine mods

Mint in Black Hammond Mint amplifier in Small Black Hammond Enclosure

Polished ATH W-100 Headphones Polished ATH W-100 Headphones (goredwings19)

Rainbow treated HD-600 Rainbow foil treated Sennheiser HD-600 (Don't ask!)

Duncan's Philips CD-850 Duncan's Philips CD-850. A classic machine!

Stock Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 Stock Musical Fidelity X-Can V2

Calex 24V open frame linear PSU under the bonnet Calex 24V open frame linear PSU under the bonnet

MKl Stock WNA and gsp Solo Some images of stock WNA MK1 Kit and Solo

WNA Headphone amp with ventilation / illuminated peephole. WNA MKll with ventilation / illuminated peep hole

WNA with ventilation & volco embedded with an Amethyst WNA MKll with ventilation & volco embedded with an Amethyst

WNA MKl "Steviedvd" barebones OPA228 / AD744 headamp WNA MKl "Steviedvd" barebones OPA228 / AD744 headamp

X-PSU PSU suitable for X-Can V2



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