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Etymotic Adapter

This adapter converts the ER4P to ER4S using only the finest quality components. Carefully matched 73 ohm metal film resistors are employed to make the match with the ERP4's resistors a perfect 100 ohm.

The signal cable is high quality shielded 99.9% OFC which ensures there is no loss whatsoever in sound quality and all terminations are thermal shrink protected and then encased in epoxy resin to ensure maximum durability and total protection from oxidization. The jack plug and socket are both professional grade with nickel plated bodies, strain relief springs and gold connectors.

Portable and Compact
The ER4S adapter is very portable and compact
Silver soldered, thermal shrink and epoxy resin
Connections are silver soldered, thermal shrink protected and encased in epoxy resin
Highest quality components
Only the highest quality components are used to make the adapter
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