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Musical Fidelity X-10 v3 Upgrade Kit X-TRA

A very popular kit indeed, tried and tested, and X-10v3 owners who have performed the upgrades have all reported great improvements to the sound quality.The kit has been put together aftermany hours of critically evaluating parts and is guaranteed to bring out the best possible sound quality from your X10v3. The capacitor upgrade kit comes complete with a comprehensive 4 page manual and is very easy to install if you know one end of a soldering iron from the other!

Latest 2021 X-TRA Capacitance kit with Ohmite Audio Gold power resistor.

The parts in the upgrade kit have been chosen specifically for their sonic attributes and are not just a handful of uber expensive "boutique" parts that look good. The Panasonic NHG, FR, FC and Nichicon MUSE capacitors have been selected for their liquid, smooth flowing sound, their low ESR (equivalent series resistance) and long life 105C rating. Top quality silver loaded solder is included with the kit. An exceptional upgrade for your V3!



Price: (UK) £120 . Rest of the World £135 Prices include tracked shipping.

I accept bank transfer or Paypal. Please e-mail me to order your upgrade kit.

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