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Headphone Amp projects Page
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Little Pinkie Special Edition!

Little Pinkie
SE PSU (for MF V3 / V8)

Upgrade kit for MF V-CAN

Little Pinkie SE PSU for V-DAC / V-CAN

Little Pinkie SE for DacMagic

Adjusting the X-Can v2's Gain

X-PSU v3 Pinkie hook up cable

Budget X-Can v2 kit!

Accessories Page (Kits, parts etc.)

X-10 v3 Cap / diode upgrade kit

X-DAC v3 Extreme mods

Head amp photo gallery

X-Series Ultrafast diode upgrade kit

Little Pinkie SE PSU (X-CAN V1 / V2)

Kits and parts for sale

X-CANS upgrade kit now available

X-CAN V3 upgrade kit now available

X-Can V2 upgrade kit now available

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X-Can accessories available here!

X-10D upgrade kit now available

X-CAN replacing the Headphone socket

X-10D recapping & phono replacement

X-10D V3 recapping and heatsinking

X-CAN V2 Cooling Techniques

X-Can V3 Capacitor upgrade

Spare parts / upgrades available here!

X-Can V3 Tweaks

X-Can V3 under the bonnet photos

X-Can V2 / V3 Valve replacement

X-Can V2 Panasonic FM Capacitors

WNA Head-amp Kit MKll

Measuring DC offset headphone amp

X-can PSU project

Graham Slee SOLO MKlll review

White Noise Audio Head-amp Kit

Graham slee Solo What Hi-Fi review

Graham Slee Solo 2004 mini review

Chiarra Headamp Kit Here

Chiarra kit in one enclosure

Chiarra Grand Op amp Test

X-Can V2 fitting blue LED

X-Can v2 bypass capacitors

X-Can V2 replacing potentiometer

X-Can V2 Fit more capacitance!!


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X-Can V2 Capacitor Upgrade

X-Can V2 Capacitor Parts List

X-Can v2 Schematic diagram

X-Can V1 Op Amp & Cap upgrade

X-Can V2 Valve audition

X-Can V2 interior photo

Ventilate that X-Can!

X-Can Reviews

3 Metre Headphone Extension Lead

 X-Silver Interconnect

Etymotic ER4P to ER4s Adapter

Component Identification

B-Tech BT928 tweaks

BAD-Dave B-Tech mod

AKG K501 Headphones Exploded Diagram

Headphone break-in page (tones)

Build your own easy Meier Crossfeed

Crossfeed in a mint tin

Crossfeed tips & tweaks


headphones headphone amplifier
headphones headphone amplifier
headphones headphone amplifier
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