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Roger Waters, Manchester June 22nd 2002 Reviews

Mike Pictured with Graham Broad!

Posted By Mike

First time in Manchester ( lovely people bloody awful architecture) no real anticipation or sense of "excitement" from the punters on the walk up to the arena... unlike the 1984 wembley floyd gig when the billy (billy bunter = punter) were engaged in beer can fights (ahhhh memories!) Anyways, I digress..... entered the arena at around 7pm and headed down the steep incline in search of "Block A.. row J". Having found said seating and plunking girlfriend (rose) there as a landmark I headed off in search of the bar. Found "bar" which was empty and duly (dutifully?) purchased a pint of John smiths and a pint of lager and lime (£4.80)... Roger sings "yeh, we got choice" but unfortunately the MEN arena only extends to either John Smiths or Heineken.... "yeh, we got choice of gnats piss at a premium price in a plastic glass" Headed back towards seat with both hands full of coloured carbonated pisswater stopping briefly to ask a "steward" if it was ok to take pictures....... "Do what you like, it's cool" he says.... hmmmmm certainly a very relaxed venue UNTIL: "NO SMOKING WOMAN" why do I always manage to get a seat next to a "Vegan, non - smoking cow with a husband who looks like bernard matthews???" Ok here's what happened...... I return to seat with beer, by this time the arena is 30% full, decide to roll a cigarette and "hey presto" this stupid cow gives me a lecture on the arenas no smoking policy and goes on to say that if I smoke she will report me to the "authorities". (she didn't come to suffer smoke abuse) After a bit of inquisition it transpires this "mutant jeep driving green welly yoghurt head" didn't even know who Roger was! Well..... to say I gave this lady a mouthful would be an understatement.... I think I quoted all the floyd stuff (in a fuck*n loud voice) which related to smoking..... "come in dear yoghurt eating cow and have a cigar.... you're gonna fly high right out the door if you don't shut your ignorant mouth" kinda stuff (as you do!) It was during this altercation that I heard a loud Bang and the glorious sound of god! "so you think you would like to go to the show!" ..... head turned to stage and there he was! my atmosphere and build up to Rogers appearance consisted of wanting to "EJECT" that stupid cow so I can't really comment on the build up atmosphere but I have it on good trust that it was pretty "stationery" which I find sad considering it was his "coming home" appearance. So now the show (for me) begins? ..... Nope: I'm still really p*ssed off with this bloody muesli eating pain in the arse.. (the type who scans her shopping and shunts a 5 deck trolley around Safeway).... I'm chanting " effin brick in the wall " .. "there's one in the spotlight, she don't look right to me.. shoot the bitch!" etc etc. Tap on the shoulder from a fellow Floydian and wise words (ie: roger's on stage forget that stupid cow) were welcomed (thanks whoever you were)..... "have a smoke dear boy you're gonna fly high"...... I accepted his ready rolled offering and took a few obligatory puffs: WOW..... Planet ZONK.... the band were just fantastic that is really what I think, and by the way which one was pink with large fluffy ears? (what the hell did I smoke?) I must say that musically it was the best "EVER" ... I thought, at one stage, that I would have to leave the venue cause I couldn't take anymore of the vibes, the combination of smoke and music was pretty mind blowing. At the interval I could have sworn everyone in the arena was making bird like chirping sounds but it was probably a side effect of whatever I'd smoked earlier. DOGS ..... wow, what a rendition..... the entire show was Superb with a capital "S" but DOGS really made it for me.. (call me biased seeing the animals tour in 77) I was in aural ecstasy.... Roger doesn't need the lasers and smoke... everyone in the arena was singing................. To sum up...... 4 days on and I'm still hoarse. A chance to "singalong" with the greatest lyricist ever.... forget the GARNISH (lasers and shit)....... Roger made me dance and sing and that's a hell of an achievement (I never thought I'd "dance" to floyd but roger and co. have that effect) Roger we Love you, please come to your homeland more often..... we deserve it

mcg@vipnet.co.uk June 26th 2002

Posted by Paranoideyes

It was 1987 when I was a teenager when I first discovered Floyd. Back then they were playing in Cincinnati to 90,000 fans. Meanwhile Roger, the driving force behind their greatest work was playing to crowds of less than 2000. In those days journalists were to eager to declare Roger’s was career over and even the ”fans” at Floyd gigs were wearing T-shirts saying “Fuck Roger” and “Roger Who?” Naturally Gilmour and the “boys” took great comfort in this -Roger had taunted them previously when they said they would tour without him: “You Fuckers you’ll never get it together” As we all know this overconfidence was to haunt Roger. By the time ATD was released I hoped the record would sell well enough for him to go on tour and put the years of hurt behind him. Sadly the record did not sell in great numbers and it seemed at the time even Roger felt there was no point in competing with his former band: “Gilmour and Mason now own the name Pink Floyd .They keep it in a box.Fuck Them” I wanted to go to the DB tour in ‘94 but I still felt too angry to buy a ticket to watch a SURROGATE BAND play HIS MUSIC. As the 90’s progressed and there was stilI no new Roger product I gradually gave up hope of ever seeing Roger live. Then in 1999 the tide turned. After years of fighting ,Roger spent his time and energy promoting his own solo career and we’ve seen the biggest resurrection since Elvis in 68! Now you have heard my life story- now to the show itself! Drove down from Scotland to Manchester on Saturday to the venue -I am told the arena is the biggest indoor one in Europe! Fans of all ages present: wearing Dark Side,Wall, Berlin ,Kaos memorabilia-some even had MLOR and DB sweaters-what would Roger think of that! Show started about 15minutes later than advertised. Most fans like myself were hunting down Roger stuff for our collections. The visuals were even better than the previous legs of the tour we have all seen on DVD. As well as using the slide projections we also saw various pieces of live film/animation - the marching hammers,Gerald Scarfe’s animation from Welcome To The Machine and the original film of the pig flying over Battersea power station The crowd were fantastic as I hoped . As well as singing their hearts out at the favourites such as ABITW 2 they were ecstatic during Mother. Highlight for me was GYFHOMD/SD. It is a disgrace that this album has been ignored by so many fans. When the fans sang along with Roger at these songs I am unashamed to say I wept with sheer emotion. A sensational end to the first set with Shine on and only a five minute interval break -we all had to run like hell for the bathroom before Breathe started! Any fears that Roger’s voice would have suffered after the long tour were groundless .The second set was immaculate. I was happy that the crowd knew Roger’s solo material so well. 5.06 am the crowd went mad . After PP Arnold’s solo in Perfect Sense the crowd were almost hysterical. Bravery,It’s a Miracle -everyone where I was sitting thought they had died and went to heaven-it was standing ovations throughout the show. At the climax of Amused to Death the love and warmth that Roger got from the audience I have never witnessed at any other bands show anywhere. It wasn’t over yet! Brain Damage/Eclipse/Comfortably Numb, even Roger was moved by the devotion shown that night. The only sad point of the night for me was when Flickering Flame was played many fans made their way to the exit rather than listening to the song. All in all a fantastic night! Roll on Glastonbury!

paranoideyes@mail03.onetel.net.uk June 27th 2002

My ticket
Posted by Dom

Well, what can I say! What a show! I had held back from buying the DVD because I didn't wanna spoil the show. I went out to buy it and everywhere had sold out!!! The gig was amazing. I thought the best song the band did was Perfect Sense parts 1+2. It was amazing everyone singing along with PP Arnold and seeing Roger wave his arms about and strut up and down the stage. Everyone joined in. It was an amazing feeling. Roger might as well have played all of the 'Wish You Were Here' album! He only missed out Have a Cigar. The images of Syd just made Shine On that little bit more special. Another high point was the joint Comfortably Numb solo. It was an expereince hearing it played live! I was extremely overcome with awe! Overall, the gig was amazing. Roger hints that he may tour again in the tour programme! Cant wait for that!

dom_walsh@hotmail.com June 26th 2002

It all makes perfect sense!
Posted by Ken

Well welcome to the machine , Being an avid pink floyd fan having seen them at knebworth in 75 through to the two wall concerts at earls court 80-81 then post Roger days at maine road Manchester in 88 and again at earlscourt in 94.Off i went to see Roger waters. Musically it was spot on ,with great renditions of floyd tracks that floyd tended to miss off thier playlist and it was good to see Roger { forgive the pun} in the flesh after so long. But although i knew what to expect after having purchased the d v d of the show beforehand i am afraid after seeing floyd doing the ROGERS WALL CONCERTS in the 80s and then seeing post roger floyd in 88 and 94 im sorry nothing can beat those shows, call me what you like but with the lazers etc floyd were on a different level to any other rock band for sheer enjoyment of watching a show.Dont get me wrong Roger is up there with the best,but the highlight of the show for me was C| numb , fantastic version. tears to my eyes but you could not help thinking back to the versions that floyd did in 88 or 94.And anyone who was not dissappointed by his other choice of encore must have been on something ,off their heads or just plain thick.C|numb got everybody up on thier feets and stamping for more,then what did he do ,played flickering flame. what a let down. I think a different venue whould have been better,the morons called stewards did not bother doing thier jobs properly so some views became restricted, Also as a footnote the previous review on this site has got it wrong, floyd animals tour was in 77 not 74, i know because i was at bingley hall in staffordshire in 77 at one of floyds finest gigs, flying pigs and all. Alas the good old floyd live on in our heads and i await Daves shows and d vd off pulse etc but come on guys Rick has joined Dave on stage and now Nick has made an appearance with Roger, can we have some hope for the future ,who knows Keep on talking.

wt001b4333@blueyonder.co.uk July 3rd 2002

Roger with Black Shirt!
Posted by Paul Oliver

It was my first time in Manchester and first proper concert I have ever attended. I will never attend another concert that will equal it, my all time favourite musician playing all my favourite songs.Backed by some of the best musicians and backing singers in the world (eg Graham Broad on Time is amazing). The only thing I did wrong was not get to meet Roger although I tried, at the end of the show I waited until around 1am outside the main exit gates. There was only 3 of us left in the end but we eventually realised we had missed him. We did see the band leave though. Never mind can't have everything. Where was Doyle Bramhall 2?? ,missed his finish on comfortably numb.

paul.oliver6@btopenworld.com July 15th 2002