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Little Pinkie Special Edition PSU LE

Sold out!

 Little Pinkie Special Edition

The Little Pinkie Special Edition is a no compromise (strictly limited version / only 100 will be produced) of the popular Little Pinkie SE. It comes housed in a very high class, custom designed, anodised aluminium enclosure (Made In England) which ensures maximum shielding as well as looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


The ultimate Little Pinkie PSU


The engine is a top class 30VA custom made toroidal (wound in England) which is totally silent in operation and runs cool. It features very low levels of noise-inducing stray magnetic fields, low leakage inductance, and is tightly regulated. Not only is it bolted into position, it is also supplemented with glue and the centre of the toroid is infilled with epoxy resin, this ensures excellent damping, all of this equates to better sound quality!


Little Pinkie Special Edition


The Little Pinkie Special Edition power supply is perfectly suited for the entire range of small X-range Musical Fidelity products from V1 up to V8 and the Cambridge Audio DacMagic digital to analogue converter.


Little Pinkie Special Edition pictured alongside the Musical Fidelity X-CAN V1 headphone amplifier
Little Pinkie special Edition pictured next to a Musical Fidelity X-CAN V1


Little Pinkie Special Edition pictured next to Musical Fidelity X-CAN V8
Little Pinkie Special Edition plus X-CAN V8P


Situated to the front of the unit is a an oval on / off switch which illuminates in blue when switched on . It's a good quality, rocker type and affords the user the convenience of being able to switch the Little Pinkie Special Edition off without having to clamber about at the mains socket. Along the base of the Pinkie runs two strips of neoprene / EPDM rubber which act as supports, these have the added advantage of providing top quality dampening.


Top quality Rhodium plated IEC socket


To the rear is a top quality "audio grade" Rhodium plated IEC socket which allows you to use "boutique" mains cables should you wish. The output lead is Evolution Pro OFC (oxygen free) cable. It is fixed to the rear (hard wired) and is 1.2 metres in length, (different lengths are available to order). There is a chassis mount fuseholder fitted and the fuse (user replaceable) is a ceramic body SIBA (German made) type.


Little Pinkie Special Edition powering Cambridge Audio DacMagic
Little Pinkie Special Edition powering Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Little Pinkie Special Edition features MOV anti surge protection and class X2 across the line filtering which results in a more stable / quieter mains supply to the transformer. The filtering in the Special Edition Pinkie has been upgraded (top quality capacitors and Varistors) and the components are also damped. All internal connections are soldered with "Future" (silver loaded) solder (Made in England by Warton Metals) and internal wiring is 600V rated "ALPHA" wire (Made in USA).


Little Pinkie Special Edition is hand made to order, by myself, from my workshop in Scotland using the finest of materials (sourced from the UK / USA / Europe where possible) and employing first class construction techniques. The Little Pinkie Special Edition costs £375 GBP built and tested. Contact Me to order yours today! Please note, I build these by hand, to order, so "immediate" dispatch is not on the cards..... I will endeavour to get your hand made Pinkie to you as soon as possible though.


Packaging and Shipping costs:

UK £15 GBP / Europe £20 GBP / ROW £30 GBP. Shipping to all destinations will be via Trackable / Recorded delivery. These shipping costs are ACTUAL shipping costs based on the weight of the package using Royal Mail "trackable / insured" shipping.



The Little pinkie Special Edition comes with a 5 year guarantee. I am confident in the quality of the parts used and expect them to last for many many years. Any fault not associated by external influences will be repaired free of charge. Return cost of shipping for any warranty claim will be borne by the customer...... if it is deemed the Pinkie is at fault these costs will be refunded.



Net weight: 1.1 kg
Packed weight: 1.3 kg
Dimensions: L 178mm x W 90mm x H 86mm
Filtering: Across the line class X2 / Y2
Anti surge protection: MOV (EPCOS)
Toroidal transformer: In accordance with EN61558 and EN60950
VA rating: 30
Output Current (A): 1.25
Regulation: 14%