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X-CAN V3 Capacitor Mod

After much tweaking and listening I decided that the following tweaks sounded best to "my" ears. I replaced all of the 2200uF Jamicon 85c general purpose caps with 2200uF Panasonic FC 105c series caps, replaced the 1000uF Jamicon 85c caps with 1000uF NIC 105c NRSZ series caps, removed the 10uF input capacitors from the signal path and fitted an extra 780uF to the output capacitors making 1220uF in total. The cap mods have noticeably improved the sound quality and compared to the stock V3 the difference is pretty much night and day with the modded V3 sounding a lot more open and dynamic, the increased output capacitance has improved the bass response considerably.

I have also replaced the stock JAN Philips 6922 with a closely matched pair of Russian Military Spec 6H23N-EB (built like tanks and extremely long life) with great results. Bags more clarity, space and "air" around the instruments... this is a very easy to perform tweak and well worth the effort!

To greatly prolong the working life of the amp I have fitted heatsinks to all of the transistors and have mounted them using sil-pad thermal pads. This, in conjunction with the 105C temperature rated capacitors, should ensure many many years of trouble free operation.

Parts / Upgrade can be ordered from me. Please Contact me to check Availability / Price


Input capacitors removed from the signal path

Military Specification Russian 6H23N-EB long life grade Valves

Panasonic FC 105c low ESR capacitors

Heatsinks attached to transistors with Sil-Pad thermal pads

Overhead view

Suntan CD71 105c Non Polar output caps (sounded better than Nitai / Jamicon / Rubycon)

To the right of the picture NIC NRSZ series 105c 1000uF caps (low ESR Panasonic FC will be fine here)

Close up of the caps

Full view of amp

1000uF output caps (an additional 220uF per channel is in parallel - not visible in picture)

Close up of Mil-spec 6H23N-EB long life valve

6H23N-EB from another angle