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MF X-Can V2 Panasonic FM caps

I managed to source some of the Panasonic FM series of capacitors for this V2 and decided to fit 35V 1200uF caps across the PSU board. (replace all of the caps on the PSU board with 35V 1200uF). They "just" fit inside the enclosure and are pretty much the perfect size for the V2. These caps are very highly regarded in the audio DIY circles, they are very low ESR and sound great in the V2........ very similar sounding to the Panasonic FC series but a tad more sparkle and dynamics.

Desolder all of the Jamicon electrolytic capacitors from the PSU circuit board

Caps desoldered ready for the new Panasonic FM capacitors

Panasonic FM 35V 1200uF caps fitted to the board.

Overhead view

Perfect size for the enclosure, they just fit and no more!


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