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Chiarra / Andante features and specifications

The Chiarra is a very high quality Class A single ended headphone amplifier which can also be used as a passive preamp. Any signal fed to the signal in socket will appear totally unaffected at the signal out socket for onward feeding to any other unit.

You can either connect your source directly to the Chiarra using the signal in socket or you can connect via the tape out on your amplifier to the signal in socket. If you want to feed the same signal to say a tape recorder you connect a lead from the signal out on the Chiarra to tape recorder.

The Chiarra will also work as a passive preamp with the signal controlled by the volume control appearing at the variable level output sockets.

If you want a system with the power amplifiers adjacent to the loudspeakers then the Chiarra's High level output socket has the necessary low impedance to prevent high frequency loss in the long screened cables that are required.

Key Features: (Standard Version)

  • Signal in socket
  • Signal out socket
  • Variable level out socket
  • High level out socket
  • Class A single ended design
  • Twin Headphone Sockets
  • High quality Gold plated Teflon insulated RCA sockets
  • ALPS Blue Velvet Potentiometer
  • Precision regulated power supply unit
  • Encapsulated toroidal transformer
  • Precision metal film resistors


Supply Voltage: +/- 15v DC

Maximum Output: 500 mA

Supply Current: 165 mA

Nominal Input: 775 mV   (Gives max O/P at max volume setting)

Headphone Impedance:
30 - 600 ohms

THD:   < 0.01%  (1v RMS into 50W, 100Hz - 10KHz)