Ultrafast diode upgrade modules
Ultrafast diode modules to improve your X-ponent even more!

Replace the stock 1N4007 rectifier diodes with these ultrafast UF4007 modules for more air around instruments, inky black silence between starts and stops, and a more coherent presentation across the frequency.

Ultrafast modules comprising UF4007 and specially selected capacitor (fitted)

The UF4007 has a Maximum reverse recovery time of just 75ns compared to 2000ns with the 1N4007. Together with a specially selected snubber capacitor fitted these ultrafast modules perform much better than 1N4007 and, likewise, improve sound quality into the bargain as they possess a lot less noise in operation.

Ultrafast modules in situ / X-CAN V2

Suitable for X-CAN V1, V2, V3. X-10D and X-10V3 this is a mod that is both easy to perform and very affordable. Each module kit comes with full fitting instructions.

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