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Musical Fidelity X-10D "Extra" Upgrade Kit
The best version yet!

This upgrade kit is the all new version for 2021 which has been developed after many hours (years in fact!) of critically evaluating parts and is guaranteed to bring out the best possible sound quality from your X-10D. The capacitor upgrade kit comes complete with a comprehensive manual with diagrams and is very easy to perform if you know one end of a soldering iron from the other!

The parts in the upgrade kit have been chosen specifically for their sonic attributes and top quality components from Panasonic, JB , WIMA, Nichicon MUSE, ELNA Silmic ll etc. are employed. The kit comes with Autosol 60/37/3% silver loaded solder.

This latest version sees a massive increase in the power supply caps from 10,000uF to 15,000uF which takes the performance of the X-10D to another dimension of sonic excellence. This is how an X-10D should sound!

There is now an Ohmite Audio Gold non inductive power resistor and a gold plated quad mount phono socket included with the kit.

Please contact to order your upgrade kit. Paypal accepted please contact to pay using Paypal

Musical Fidelity X-10D upgrade kit

X-10D upgrade kit Musical Fidelity

X-10D "Extra" Upgrade Kit
There are two versions of the kit available, the standard capacitor/ultrafast diode kit or the Capacitor/ultrafast diode kit plus a pair of matched Voskhod 6H23N valves. I would always recommend replacing the valves when modding the X-10D but if you are sure your valves are 100%, or you'd prefer to source your own valves, then all you need is the standard kit. Either way, be prepared to be taken to a new sonic dimension, this kit really does deliver the sonic goods..... BIG time! Original X-10D kit review here.  


X-10D "Extra" Upgrade Kit = £110 GBP

X-10D "Extra" Upgrade Kit + a pair of matched Voskhod 6H23N valves = £150 GBP

Shipping = £10 (UK) £15 (EU) £20 ROW

I accept personal Cheque or Paypal. Please contact to order your upgrade kit. Paypal accepted

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