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Fitting new valves in the X-CAN V2 / V3
This really is a piece of cake and very easy to do. All you will need are your new valves, a Philips screwdriver and a suitable sized allen key (Hex key) The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes. The procedure is exactly the same with the X-CAN V3 except the V3 has 9 screws instead of 5 (4 front, 5 back)

Undo the two hex screws on the back plate of the V2.

Two hex screws removed from back plate.

Unscrew the philips screw situated in the centre of the 4 phono sockets.

Remove back plate and note that the ground wire is held in place between the back plate and enclosure by the top screw (ie: the screw goes through the ground connector "hole" and is sandwiched between the back plate and enclosure when you are refitting the back plate)

So, when you refit the back plate the screw feeds through the hole of the ground connector and then into the enclosure.

Now work on the front panel. Do not remove the volume knob. Unscrew the two hex screws.

Once you have removed the two screws from the front panel you can slide the PCB out as shown. The PCB is located in slots either side of the enclosure so just slide it out until the valves are accessible.

PCB exposed ready to replace the valves.

To remove the valves just grasp them and pull upwards out of the sockets whilst gently rolling them from side to side (wiggle them slightly whilst pulling upwards)

Fitting the new valves is easy just make sure the pins line up with the holes in the valve socket (as shown) and push them fully home into the socket. They will only go in one way, just like fitting a mains plug into a socket, so don't worry....... there is no way you can fit them the wrong way round.

OK, that's the job done now all you've got to do is fit the front and back plates back into position. Slide the PCB back into the enclosure and then tighten the two hex screws on the front plate. Don't overtighten them, just finger tight and then a quarter of a turn to "nip" them up is all that's required.

Front panel screws tightened.

OK, now it's time to fit the back plate back into position. First thing to do is to feed the top screw through the back plate and then through the ground wire connector hole into the enclosure... remember, this is sandwiched between the back plate and enclosure as shown.

Tighten top screw ensuring that screw is fed through the ground tag.

Fit bottom hex screw and tighten.

Fit screw in centre of the four phono sockets.

That's you done! Now go and plug the amp in and enjoy the sound of your new valves!