X-Silver Interconnect

The X-Silver has five 0.28mm extruded, 99.998% pure silver, strands as the centre conductor in a red polyethylene inner insulator, surrounded by a silver-plated copper braid over foil screening, and covered overall in a translucent teflon sheath.   It incorporates a 2-stage insulation system giving a ratio of 80% air to 20% teflon.

The phono plugs are the highest of quality with the centre contact Rhodium plated for improved conductivity & durability, The outer contact is 24Kt gold plated. The all metal body is finished in matt silver. All connections are silver soldered and encased in resin to prevent oxidisation.

The overall diameter of the cable is 10mm. Specs:Capacitance: 64pF/m Impedance: 75 Ohms.

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Parts Available from:

Cable part Number: CC23

RCA Part number: N75AR