Capacitors for X-Can V2
Parts List

Top Board

2 x 16V 1000uF Panasonic FC (or 2 x 16V 1600uF if you want to fit more capacitance)

2 x 35V 470uF Panasonic FC (or 2 x 35V 1000uF if you want to fit more capacitance}

6 x 35V 1000uF Panasonic FC (or 4 x 35V 1600uF if you want to fit more capacitance)

Lower Board

4 x 35V 100uF Panasonic FC
2 x 50V 10uF non polar electrolytics (replace the 10uF polar electrolytics with 10uF non polar types)
2 x 35V 470uF non polar electrolytics (replaces the stock 6.3V 220uF non polar caps)

Panasonic FC (RS stock no: 315-0754) and Non polar (RS stock no: 768-598) electrolytic capacitors are available from RS components (enter the stock numbers in the search field)

These capacitors are my personal choice and sound absolutely amazing in the circuit. Feel free to use any capacitor of your choice but remember to check the dimensions of the capacitor before ordering (especially if you're fitting more capacitance) to ensure they will fit inside the X-Can enclosure.

Always remember to ensure correct polarity when fitting the caps. Failure to do so could result in irreparable damage to your X-Can V2. The shortest lead on the capacitor is negative and the coloured band on the side of the capacitor also denotes Negative. The 220uF and 10uF non polar caps can be fitted any way around as they are non polar.


Have fun!


I have been experimenting with a variety of caps and higher capacitance with extremely good results. The ELNA Cerafines are virtually impossible to source in the required values so I now recommend the Panasonic FC series of capacitor, these are a very good alternative. Try replacing the caps with higher capacitance ones for even better results! ie: replace the 35V 1000uF caps with 35V 2200uF types (any value greater than 1000uF up to 2200uF). You may find that 2200uF Panasonic FC caps are a tight squeeze in places but with patience and funky angling you can get them in! So if you want to increase the capacitance on the upper PSU board then any value above 1000uF up to 2200uF will be perfectly ok...... for instance you can replace all 10 of the upper PCB's caps with 10 x 35V 1600uF or 10 x 35V 2200uF.... whatever you can fit inside the enclosure but please find out the dimensions before ordering them to make sure they will fit!

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