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Replacing the X-Can V2 potentiometer

You may think that little pot fitted to the V2 is a genuine ALPS pot? Well, it isn't! It's some cheap, bargain basement, generic 50K lookalike and there really is benefit to be gained by replacing it with a genuine ALPS 10K pot, it not only sounds a lot better with the 10K pot it also tracks better too. You won't be able to fit the original knob back on unless you cut the replacement pots shaft to size but "why" would you want to put the original knob back on anyway? ALPS drop in replacement pot available from RS components part number: 249-9159

ALPS lookalike fitted to the PCB


A real ALPS pot


New pot fitted

When removing the old pot be careful as the pads are pretty small and you don't want them to lift when you're desoldering them. Arm yourself with some desoldering braid and a desoldering pump and the job should be pretty easy...... just solder the new pot into position and that's you good to go.


More shaft available to fit a different knob


A few knob ideas: