X-Can v2 Capacitor Upgrade

(The first set of mods circa 1997)

Just look inside that can and you'll see that there hasn't been a lot of money set aside by the designers for capacitors. The stock capacitors are general purpose "Jamicon SK" varieties which are far from "audiophile".

I have replaced these cheap caps with a mixture of ELNA Cerafine, ELNA Starget and Panasonic FC capacitors. I was originally going to replace all of the caps with Cerafines but some of the values were physically too large to fit inside the X-can! The specifications of the Panasonic FC series and ELNA Starget are very good as is the price!

The sound quality after the capacitor change is absolutely STUNNING. Fancy a go at doing this? Parts list is HERE

NOTE: These were the first mods I carried out on the X-CAN v2 way back in 1997 (can't believe that's 10 years ago now!!). I now use only Panasonic FC / FM caps as I believe they sound the best in the V2, this is probably attributable to their very low ESR, they are also 105C temperature rated so will last years and years.

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Firstly.. disconnect top board from lower board

Desolder the Jamicons and then solder in the Elna and panasonics observing polarity

Job done! Now that wasn't too hard was it?



Mouthwatering eh?? Just look at all those lovely caps!!

There is literally only 2 mm clearance in some parts.... Very snug!

Fancy a go at doing this? Parts list is HERE