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Recapping the MF X-10D

X-10D in stock format. Jamicon general purpose caps and polyester metal film caps.

Parts List:

2 x 2.2uF 250V polypropylene Capacitors.
4 x 220nF 250V polypropylen capacitors.
8 x 1000uF 35V Panasonic FC capacitors.
2 x 470uF 35V Panasonic FM capacitors.
2 x 10uF 50V Panasonic FC capacitors.

Parts can be ordered from me please contact me for details of availability / price.

Fire them into position and be prepared to be amazed! Yes, really, the improvement is night and day, even more so than the X-CAN the X-10D responds BIG TIME to a cap upgrade!!

Polyprops in position

Another view of the polyprops

Electrolytics fitted.

Another view of the electrolytics

I didn't have enough 1000uF so used a couple of Dubilier low ESR caps (the red ones)

Another view of the recapped X-10D


Quad phono socket replacement

Whilst you're at it you'd be as well replacing the quad gold plated phono sockets with a new one especially if the gold plating has started to come off with use. These are very cheap (£1.10) and available from Rapid electronics Part number 20-1325 You can also get nickel plated quad sockets (part number 20-1320) Both types are direct drop in replacements for the original X-10D and X-CAN types.

New quad socket ready to fit.

Fitted into position.

Another view.

Enjoy The Music!

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