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X-CanV2 ELNA Upgrade Kit ( the "warm" kit )

This upgrade kit has been selected to offer customers extremely good value for money as well as fantastic sound quality. Compared to the very popular Panasonic upgrade kit the ELNA kit offers the listener a slightly warmer (more valve like) presentation which a few people have asked for. The Panasonic kit is very neutral sounding and true to the recording whereas the ELNA kit is for those of you who prefer a bit of added warmth.

The parts in the ELNA kit have been selected after many hours of auditioning different components. The ELNA RE2 capacitors form the main part of the kit and are not the bog standard 85C types! These RE2 caps are the 105c rated (105 celcius) types which will last a lifetime inside the v2. The rest of the kit is much the same as the Panasonic kit with UF4007 diodes included also.

This is a very good upgrade kit at a bargain basement price and guaranteed to make your jaw drop to the floor when you power your amp up after installing it! Give it a further 200 hours or so for the capacitors to form and I think you'll agree it's the best £30 you have EVER spent.

More info on this kit at the Rock Grotto Forum

Price: £30.00 (includes recorded delivery postage / UK) £35.00 Rest of the World (shipped)