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Musical Fidelity X-PSU v3 Pinkie hook up cable

The ultimate go between cable from your X-PSU v3 to Xv3 component (X-can v3, X-10 v3 etc.) fully shielded and terminated at each end with high quality Neutrik 3 pin DIN plugs. There are also two snap on ferrite clamps fitted at either end of the cable which ensure the voltage from your X-PSU v3 to X-ponent remains clean and totally free from RFI. Highest quality workmanship guaranteed!

These cables do make an improvement to the SQ, or should I say they don't allow any crap in like the stock MF cables do.... they also come at a down to earth price of £17.99 for a 1 metre length..... No BS, no snake oil, no inflated prices just good honest to goodness cables that do the job!

Prepared all ready to be shipped

Order yours today.... contact me here